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  • File Name:
  • DGen.exe (Free scan)
  • File md5:
  • 3556096ef88be1ac12a93f8aeae1a811
  • File FileDescription:
  • DGen
  • LegalCopyright:
  • -
  • ProductName:
  • FB DGen
  • ProductVersion:
  • 1, 1, 0, 7
  • Company:
  • Starshoy
  • Memos:
  • -
  • OS Infected:
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • Security Level:
  • High
  • Recommended Action:
  • Free scan and remove DGen.exe error Now!
  • 95100671

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File Information of DGen.exe :

DGen.exe is the associated file of DGen.exe error which has been categorized as a serious system error. The undesirable system error has the power to lead to further complicated system problems, including unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors, network connection problems, deterioration of network performance, Black Screen of Death pops- up, inexplicable loss of computer performance and system security problem. Due to the fact that the file plays a crucial role in Windows operating system, the undesirable associated error can not be easily repaired through system utilities.

Fix DGen.exeapplication error: Run a Free Pc scan

How to fix DGen.exe error with manual solutions?

Solution One: Replace the problematic version with an invalid one from Windows CD.

Step One: Insert a Windows install CD into the hard disk.

Step Two: Click Start, click Run, or press the WINDOWS KEY + R button. Free Scan Pc Now!

Step Three: Expand cd Drive through typing the command one by one: \i386\DGen.exe c:\windows\system32\DGen.exe.

Step Four: Press Enter to confirm the modification.

Step Five: Restart the computer.


Solution Two Two: Enable Windows Auto Update utility.

For Windows XP user:

Step One: Click Start, click Control Panel, enable Security Center.


Step Two: Select Automatic Updates option.


Step Three: Choose the option according to your circumstance and then click OK.


For Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Step One: Click Start, type Windows update onto the search box, find out and click Windows Update from Programs list.

Step Two: Go to Change settings from the left pane.


Step Three: Click the option you need under Important updates.

Step Four: Under Recommended updates, click Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates or Include recommended updates when downloading, installing, or notifying me about updates, and then click OK.


Solution Three: Guard PC from Cyber Threat Attacks

Undesirable spyware from cyber space can silently penetrate into the system to perform further dangerous tasks, especially exploiting DGen.exe to drop other dangerous malware, spread itself to remote targeted computer and collect personal information. It is recommended to enable a trust- worthy spyware removal tool on your computer to keep it away from the computer.


Solution Four: Efficiently get rid of registry problems. Free Download Now!

The Windows registry is one of the crucial parts of Windows operating system designed to store system configuration settings and options, including system kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications. Any incorrect modification on Windows registry is capable of leading to a list of other further complicated system problems, including third- party program load failure, accumulation of system pops- up, driver load failure, crucial system files problems, Blue Screen of Death pops- up and software instability.

How to fix registry problems with efficient solution?

The manual removal of registry problems is not recommended for common computer users because it requires the user to combine with certain computer experience to remove unneeded registry components, fix registry errors and repair damaged registry files. For the purpose of totally getting rid of registry problem, you may need to follow the steps:

Step One: Free download DGen.exe error repair utility.

Step Two: Enable the trusted registry repair utility after installing it.

Step Three: Click "Start Scan" to make a free scan to check the unneeded error and its related registry files.

Step Four: Click "Repair" button and fix the error and its related registry files.

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